Audiobook Day 1 – Our Year In Audiobooks

The third week of June marks Audiobook Week, hosted by Jen, of Devourer of Books. This is the 4th Annual Audiobook Week. Jen has provided us with a daily discussion guide and links to audiobook posts, so make sure to check out her blog and add your posts to the list! werelistening

Monday: 2012-2013, Your Audiobook Year

We are so excited to read everyone’s Audiobook Week posts, but ours will be a little different than the average listener. The listening experience for our engineers, narrators, directors, QCers (Quality Control), and editors are all a little different. Collectively, we’ve listened to countless hours of audiobooks including historical thrillers, science fiction, young adult, romance, business advice, zombie stories, erotica, and much more.

Since last year’s audiobook week, we moved into a brand new studio space, which took us from four studios to thirteen studios and professional sound booths, which has allowed us to narrate, record, edit, and engineer even more audiobooks than ever before. You can see a lot of what we’ve recorded here.

These are some of our favorite titles so far this year:

the perfect marriage the boy the book of why

max factorWise Men this is what happy looks like obsidian mirror last train to memphis 7 habits Fuse

great gatsby


Check out our favorite audiobooks of 2012 here.

Posted by Holly Simpson.

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