Narrator Spotlight: Casey Holloway

This week’s Narrator Spotlight features Casey Holloway, who was recently nominated for an Audie for her performance in Pure, by Julianna Baggott.

How long have you been narrating audiobooks?Casey Holloway

I have been narrating for about two and a half years.

Of the books that you’ve narrated, which is your favorite?

Oooh! That is a tough one because I have loved a lot!  I’ll give you my top 3.  Pure By Julianna Baggott, How to Rock Braces and Glasses By Meg Haston, and Touched By Caroline Haynes

I loved Pure because I love post apocalyptic stories!  Who doesn’t?  I am a big fan of the Hunger Games series and Pure falls into that Genre for me.  It’s a take on the post apocalyptic genre that I haven’t seen before which is what made it so compelling for me.  I narrated the part of Lyda within the 4 narrator ensemble.  I really identified with Lyda which also made her more fun to narrate.  Whenever you connect with a character like that you are going to feel attached to them as thought they are a part of you now or as though part of yourself now resides in them.

How to Rock Braces and Glasses was fun because I got to relive my pre-teen years and all the ups and downs that go along with growing up.   Plus the main characters name is Kacey!  Not the same spelling as mine but still the same name!  Also How to Rock is now a TV show on Nickelodeon so its fun to see it come to life.

I loved Touched because it was so emotionally captivating for me.  It is a haunting story about life in a way-too-small town, making friends into family, how religion can be taken to an extreme in order to justify actions, and getting out of a life in which the main character finds herself stuck.  There is a little bit of a supernatural element which I always love.  I also got to play with  quite a few character voices which is always fun.

What do you do to prepare before narrating an audiobook?

Well, the first thing I do is read the book.  I also research the author to get a sense of the types of books they write.  Every day before I start I do mouth and vocal exercises.  Narrating is an endurance test and I have to keep those mouth and facial muscles in good shape.  By the end of the day sometimes you feel like your tongue doesn’t move like it supposed to, to form certain sounds because its just worn out.  It’s a muscle just like any other in the body.  It gets tired.

How do you create different character voices?

As an actor, character voices are something that I have running through my head 24hrs a day.  I am constantly creating new voices.  I have created weird and silly voices since I was a kid…yeah I was THAT kid.  I also use any description of the character within the book to create the voice.  I base the voices on who the people are inside and out.  I work on it until I have that “oh there he/she is” moment.

If you could narrate any book, what would be your dream audiobook?  

Well, again I can’t pick just one so this time I have two.  First of all the Harry Potter series because I am a HUGE fan of the books.  I’m talking BIG FAT HARRY POTTER GEEK, and proud of it.  In my opinion J.K. Rowling masterfully created characters that will go down in history alongside the greats!  I believe the books will stand the test of time and eventually become beloved classics.  So yeah that would be a dream audiobook.

The other would be any book by Jane Austen.  I adore her novels and her writing style.

When I’m not narrating I work as an actor, voice over artist, and sketch comedian.  I perform and teach at Sketchworks Theatre.  I teach adults and kids.  I love what I do!


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