Double Audiobook Giveaway: High Midnight AND Call Me Grim

Happy Halloweek from ListenUp! To celebrate, we are giving away TWO audiobooks this week! You could win a digital audiobook download of Call Me Grim AND High Midnight!

These are two very different books, but they’ll both help you get into that spooky Halloween mood.

Call Me Grim, by Elizabeth Holloway and narrated by Kelly Collins Lintz, is a young adult paranormal novel about 17-year-old Libbi, who narrowly avoids death, but only because the local grim reaper wants to offer her his job.

High Midnight, by Rob Mosca, and narrated by Bernard Setaro Clark, is an adult horror/thriller/western/zombie/gonzo-pulp novel about cryptids, a luchador sherrif, killer clowns, ghosts, and more. (note – this novel is an adult novel, with adult themes and lots of horror and gore, so keep that in mind).

Click here to enter or enter by clicking the Giveaway tab on ListenUp’s Facebook Page.


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