Literary Halloween Costumes!

Still planning your Halloween costume? We’ve gathered some great literary ideas for you.

Classy in the Classroom has a perfectly adorable Madeline costume.

There are A LOT of really amazing costumes from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, but these popped up recently and they are both hilarious and well-done (AND FULL OF SPOILERS and some gore, so beware).

You can't tell me that this Lady Olenna costume isn't spectacular.

You can’t tell me that this Lady Olenna costume isn’t spectacular.

Electric Lit posted these amazing costumes of some of your favorite authors earlier this week.

Last year, Bookish posted a helpful guide for choosing your literary costume.

BuzzFeed listed quite a few options for costumes from children’s books.

Spark has this amazing list of what costumes literary characters would choose.

If you turn to graphic novels, you costume options expand almost indefinitely. PopSugar has a great collection of options. Our public relations coordinator, Holly, was part of a Saga costume group earlier this year.

So grab a drink off of Library Journal’s list of literary drinks and let us know in the comments what you have planned for Halloween.

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