New Audiobook Releases April 1

No more waiting this Wednesday! Today we have three new audiobooks – no joke!

Expedition Indigo audio cover

Expedition Indigo, by Stacy Allen, narrated by Kristin Kalbli

As we were recording this one, the guys around the office referred to it Riley Cooper, the story’s protagonist, Riley Cooper as “girl Indiana Jones”.

Expedition Indigo follows Riley, an archaeologist as she is given the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to find Charlemagne’s coronation cross, the Crux Fedelis. The audiobook is filled with adventure, excitement, murder, even some romance.

Whiskey Bottles and Brand New Cars CoverWhiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars: The Fast Life and Sudden Death of Lynryd Skynyrdby Mark Ribowsky, narrated by Jeremy Arthur

Mark Ribowsky offers an intimate look inside Lynryd Skynyrd’s self-destructive misfits who were able to top the charts. Based on interviews with the band’s surviving members, Ribowsky pieces together the story and explore how the lead singer, Ronnie Van Zant, was able to lead Lynyrd Skynyrd to success. Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars provides a new look into the band’s history – stage fights, destroyed motel rooms, smart business deals, excellent studio productions and all.

Bitter Blood CoverBitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Murderby Jerry Bledsoe, narrated by Kevin Stillwell

Jerry Bledsoe’s #1 New York Times bestselling true crime novel, Bitter Blood, chronicles the experiences of three well-off Southern families who are connected through marriage and through murder. The shocking real-life events in this story had the whole office in disbelief while we recorded it.


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