IndiePub and the Declaration of Independents

First and foremost – we are sorry we haven’t been doing our daily Audiobook News & Reviews posts. They haven’t been forgotten and we are hoping to get them going again soon.

The reason those posts have fallen to the wayside recently is the launch of our Indie Publishing division. ListenUp Audiobooks has been creating audiobooks for major publishers – Hachette Book Group, Harper Collins, Penguin/Random House, and Audible – for years. This year, though, we opened up the same services to independent and self-published authors through ListenUp IndiePub.

booth small

We’ve been busy creating audiobooks for amazing independent authors, including Eve Langlais, Kate Danley, Natasha Boyd, Catherine Lea, and Sara Hubbard.


And now, it’s the middle of June, audiobook month. To celebrate Audiobook Month, we are giving away a finished audiobook! The winner of the Declaration of Independents audiobook contest wins his or her audiobook production and keeps all the rights. No fee to enter, the last day to submit is, fittingly, July 4.

We are also offering a $50 per-finished-hour discount for Indie Authors who use the code “JUNE” this month.

If you know any independent authors, pass it along!

If you’ve listened to any really wonderful audiobooks lately, please let us know and link us to your reviews.


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